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Sheri Alexander began playing guitar at the age of 9 and by the time she was in high school, she was performing at local colleges and coffeehouses.  


Encouraged by her guitar teacher, jazz guitarist Harry Leahy, she attended Berklee College of Music,  where she majored in Music 

Composition and Guitar.

After leaving Berklee she began teaching guitar and performing as a solo guitarist/singer eventually moving to New York City where she performed solo 5 nights a week at places such as "Who's on First", and "The Back Fence" a popular tourist spot on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village.

Eventually , Sheri began teaching Music Together, a program for children from birth to  age 5.  Currently, she teaches guitar and ukulele at Gill St Bernards School, a private college preparatory school in Gladstone, NJ.


 Her passion for music has led her to participate in many workshops at Berklee College of Music, and Guitar Camps hosted by the acclaimed guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel.

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